Midwest Industries builds high-quality, unique, and innovative products by leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution processes for marine enthusiasts who align with our core values.


Midwest Industries is guided towards its mission and vision by following a core set of values:

Quality – We don’t stake shortcuts, period. The top-tier quality of our products and processes are a source of pride for Midwest Industries. We set out to invest in new capabilities to produce and support our products in an efficient and accountable manner. By leveraging experience, advancing standards, and exceeding expectations, we are able to deliver a premium value to our customers time and time again.

We lead by example. Our actions influence the industry and the lives of our customers. Dealers and customers alike associate the ShoreStation, ShoreLand’r, and ByronSelect brands with top-of- the-line quality and dependability.

This key value–quality–will continue to be the most influential principle in everything we do. There is a great sense of fulfillment and responsibility in setting the bar in our industry; we intend to continue to strive towards exceeding customers’ expectations with each product and service we offer.

Culture of Trust – Trust and accountability are the foundation of our company culture. "Build it best, or don't build it" was the ever-insightful motto of our founder Byron Godbersen, and today that mentality still reigns true as a core principle of our culture. We create a work environment that is fun and collaborative, where teamwork and trust in one another solve problems.

Our customers trust that our products will be of the highest quality and that Midwest Industry employees believe in the products they build. This reassuring culture of trust and accountability starts with our team, resonates through our entire organization, and then to every market and consumer we touch. Building trust as a team and with our customers also means treating each other how we want to be treated: the Golden Rule.

Empowerment – Midwest Industries looks for ways to empower customers and employees. We empower our customers with the high-quality products and services we offer, allowing them to take back their time with family and friends out the water and helping them form lasting memories and connections.

Our company strives to empower employees by rewarding and recognizing their hard work, experience, and innovative spirit. We rally around the idea that empowerment for our employees also goes beyond rewards by supporting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Diversity – Our company fully embraces the ideals of inclusion, understanding, and acceptance. That means, at Midwest Industries, you are welcomed here. We set out to build a team of diverse individuals that come from different backgrounds and can bring unique ideas, skills, and expertise to the table.

The ability to create innovative, high-quality solutions for our customers stems from supporting a collaborative environment where the ideas, viewpoints, and experiences of others come together and propel our company towards the goal of leading the world to water. We believe that diversity is the catalyst for shaping the future of this company, its culture, and the industry.

Innovation – We continue our tradition of proactively developing unique products, services, and processes, creating real value for our customers. Our customers recognize this value because it enhances their experiences. Midwest Industries constantly creates new value by inspiring creativity, investment, taking managed risks, learning from the outcomes, and adjusting as needed.

We are known to be a market leader and will make it our mission to continue to create innovative products and services. Rather than react to trends, we will strive to identify our customers' needs and wants before they even know they want them. Being proactive and creating demand through innovation will keep us ahead of our competition.