Site Updates

What is SITE?
We are the resource team that provides and continuously improves the tools, processes and equipment to allow process operators to do the work efficiently that adds value that our product we offer. Additionally we assist in providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Who is SITE?
Ron Skarin, Susan Henkleman, John Lichter, Alan Hanson, Brock Nelson, Tammy Hoffman, Rachel Gander, Bob Withee and Stuart Uken

Project Updates:
Both sheet lasers and automation, that includes 4 additional material shelves are operational and producing parts. There are a few bugs yet to be worked out along with the remaining items of the project to wrap up.

The shotblast machine has been sold and we are working on a removal date. Once removed and the pit is filled, we will use the area for aluminum storage to ease congestion in the drill room and cold storage.

8/5/22 - Installation of the new automation and refurbishing of the old sheetlaser is commencing in the back of fabrication. The new nitrogen tank has been installed and is operational. All active routings have been removed from the shotblast machine and a plan for removal of the machine is in place. New press brakes are tentatively scheduled to install by November Powered lifting tables are being added to the new cold saw to allow a single operator to move material onto the roller table at safe working heights.

7/2/22 - Brock Neslon has moved over to Tool and Die. He has joined John Lichter after working the last year and a half in welding and Jig and Fixture. We welcome Susan Henkelman to the SITE team! After many years on the accessory team, she has moved over to Jig and Fixture and will be supporting welding along with Ron Skarin.

In equipment news we are tentatively scheduled for:

  • A newer EDM machine in T&D late May/early June
  • New Nitrogen tank for the lasers.
  • Re-installing the original Sheet Laser in July
  • Installing 2 new press brakes in late October/early November
Contact Rachel for any shipping aides: racks, baskets, etc. There are currently orders coming through to make stackable white pallet racks and legs