Ergonomics - this last month we began a series of weekly safety topics on the science of ergonomics and how that affects ourhealth at work and home. These should be posted in your areas. Take time to read the communications and apply the techniques for all your daily tasks.

Injuries - as many as 8 injuries this year could have been prevented with ergonomic improvements.

Report - report any pain, discomfort, fatigue or poor ergonomic work to your team leader. They will coordinate with the SITE team to review and improve the work.

Improve Now - take steps before an injury to invest in yourself and improve how you do your work.

Hoist, Forklift and other training: If you are using equipment for the first time, ask yourself have you been properly trained and are aware of all the safety precautions and requirements? Are you following your training? See below for recently MWI examples for both these questions.

Hoist Training Required – Everyone is required to go through Midwest hoist training before operating any hoists in the plant. We recently had a near miss that involved moving heavy equipment with a hoist that could have cause serious injury and also property damage. This individual was not trained and was using a unique crane/hoist that operated differently than they expected.

Remember Your Training – All forklift drivers should remember from their training that the proper way to exit the vehicle is the same way they entered, by stepping back down. We recently had an injury where the operator stepped off facing out and that puts excessive force on the knee and back. NEVER jump or hop out. Use the hand holds for a good grip and use 3 points of contact getting on and off. NEVER grab the steering wheel because you could lose balance.

8/5/22 - We encourage all team members to report all injuries no matter how minor and even near misses. For medical care see the plant nurse or a first responder immediately. Benefits include: Better medical care – even minor injuries like cuts, splinters, burns and soreness. Having the plant nurse or first responders review and treat your injury can prevent further complications and they can give guidance. Further arrangements can be made for professional medical care. Prevention – steps can be taken to prevent future occurrences and patterns can be observed to bring awareness to trends across the company Compliance – Midwest is required to report certain injuries and there can be fines if not done promptly By law it is the right of an employee to report work-related injuries and illnesses free from retaliation OR By law Midwest may not retaliate against employees for reporting work-related injuries or illnesses

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7/2/22 - HAND SAFETY An average of 180,000 hand-related injuries occurred on-the-job each year. All of these injuries are
preventable with proper safety training. A whopping 70% of those victims were not wearing protective gloves. The
other 30% were wearing gloves, BUT the gloves were either ill-fitting or the wrong type for the job.

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